Blasting Division

Blasting Division

Quick Supply Company also comprises a blasting division to break rock for excavation for mining, quarrying and civil engineering purposes. Our blasting division includes additional branches of Quick Supply Company, Bennett Explosives Inc., Dole Explosives and Quality Blasting Services.

Please see our complete list of our blasting service locations and contact information below.

Blasting Products

Ammonium Nitrate

Industrial grade prills used as a solid oxidizer ingredient.

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Cast booster sensitive, water resistant, packaged emulsion explosive.

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Differential Energy

A proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in the borehole. Improves safety, enhances control and optimizes blast performance.


Digishot Electronic Initiaiton System

EIS providing accurate timing with robust all-weather surface connectors.

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Explosive delivery truck designed to increase safety and productivity.



UG loading equipment to handle large volumes, any angle and many applications.

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DynoMix (ANFO)

AN/Fuel oil explosive mixture suitable for dry borehole conditions.

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DynoMix (ANFO WR)

Premixed explosive for damp borehole conditions.

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Nitroglycerin for pre-splitting, cushion blasting and smooth walls.

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Dyno AP

Recommended for UG drifting and blasting in medium rock types.

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Electric Super MS Series

A high strength, millisecond delay electric detonator.

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A combination of the precise electronic timing and the ease of the NONEL Shock tube.

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The original non-electric detonator, Nonel is a best-seller and is sure to be reliable.


Nonel EZ Det 1.4B

Non-electric Blastic Inititation System.

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Nonel EZTL

Non-electric truckline delay det for use with shock tube.

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Nonel Leadline

Non-electric shock tube in 2,500 ft. spools.

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Nonel LP 1.1B

Non-electric long period delay detonator with J-hook.

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Nonel MS

Non-electric millisecond delay detonator.

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Textile cord explosives with PETN core.

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Plastic jacket cord explosives with PETN core.

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Primaline SMS

Developed for use in salt mines and chemical limestone.

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AN nitroglycerin dynamite with easy assembly continuous length.

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Titan 1000 SD

Superior blasting performance for small diameter boreholes.

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Titan 1000 ΔE

A gassed, bulk emulsion delivery system.

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Titan 7000

Specifically designed for UG construction quarry and mining.

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Titan 7000 Underground Emulsion

A booster-sensitive, high performance, repumpable bulk emulsion explosive designed specifically for use in underground mining, drift and raise development, shaft sinking and tunneling.


Titan Bulk Emulsion


Titan XL 1000

Enhanced water resistance and detonation performance.

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Trojan Spartan

Designed to optimize initiation of all booster sensitive explosives.

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Semi-gelatin dynamite suitable for most explosive applications.

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Extra gelatin dynamite for rock hard explosive applications.

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Quick Supply Company Blasting Division

6620 NW Toni Drive

Des Moines, IA 50313

Office Ph: (515)289-1271

Contact: Ryan Abel (515)250-1620

14278 300th Court

Mason City, IA 50401

Office Ph: (641)424-0151

Contact: Chuck Holmes (641)425-1074

Hutchinson, MN 

Contact: Cory Redecker (641)425-3127

334 Industrial Drive

Coloma, WI 54930

Office Ph: (715)228-3334

Contact: Jeff Maulick (920)470-3135

Osseo, WI 

Contact: Ryan Koelker (715)498-0732

Bennett Explosives Inc.

1951 210th Street

Manchester, IA 52057

Office Ph: (563)927-4062

Contact: Mike Cole (319)551-9955

Dole Explosives

811 3rd Avenue

Wanamingo, MN 55983

Office Ph: (507)824-3091

Contact: Mark Tousignant (651)269-2382

Quality Blasting Services

2456 Bloom Road

Alpena, MI 49707

Office Ph: (989)354-8352

Contact: Kevin LaPorte (989)464-2807